Greene & Greene Intensive

At the Darrell Peart School of Precision Woodworking

Class Details

Duration: Five days
Class Size: Maximum of four or five students (see note on main class page)
Tuition: $750
Materials: $190 ( includes tax)
Deposit: $400

Class Dates
January 15th – 19th   Full
January 29th – February 2nd  Full
5 Days

Class Description

When we thing of Greene & Greene – the many details come to mind.

But it’s much more than just the details – it’s the how those details were rendered and used in context.

The original work of the Greene brothers was implemented with subtlety and finesse. An understanding of the nuances behind the details is what makes this iconic style come alive.

In the process of building a small table we will take time to examine the original work of the Greene’s and take a deep dive into the minutiae.

Through slide shows and practical application students will gain a greater understanding of the Brothers Greene and their work. Several of the most commonly used and recognizable of the details will be covered. But more importantly the concepts behind the details will give students the essentials needed for designing and working in the style of Greene and Greene.

Detailed drawings and discussion will also cover making all the jigs and templates that go along with producing the various details.

This class is basically a five-day version of my two day G&G Details class. The difference being, we dive a little deeper into the nuances and in the process build a small table.

Please join us for a fun week of woodworking and Greene & Greene!

Some of the topics included are:

  • Blacker brackets
  • Breadboard construction
  • Exposed ebony spline
  • Proud ebony plugs
  • Cloud lifts
  • Blacker leg indent detail
  • Practical design advice on all of the above

Suggested Tools

  • Radius guide (these can be difficult to find, so Darrell will several on hand for student use)
  • Small plastic-headed Mallet (3/4″ to 1″ head; Thor or Stanley make good ones)
  • 1/4″ dowel points
  • Small flush cutting handsaw
  • Layout tools: tape measure, combination square, sharp pencil
  • Small square (3″ or so)
  • Dental pick (not necessary, but might be helpful)
  • Small chisels may be handy but not necessary
  • Besides bringing a notebook, feel free to bring along a camera to make a visual record of the jigs and setups that you use in class

Open  enrollment begins October 23rd  (October 20th for prior students)

Contact Darrell to enroll in this class or be put on a waiting list. You may also call Darrell directly at (425) 277-4070 between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:00 pm (Pacific Time).


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From a Darrell Peart Class

Darrell teaches from his experience. In the beginning—before he made it on his own—Darrell worked two jobs: primarily as an employee in various high end custom contract shops, and then in his off hours, he built made-to-order studio furniture in his own shop. His methods and materials used reflect both these experiences.

In one of Darrell’s classes, you might employ traditional joinery machined with a router and a CNC-made jig. His drawers are, by default, hung on waxed wooden runners (shop made), but if the drawer calls for full extension or heavy files, European metal slides will be employed.

Much of his construction is of solid wood, but if a veneer will do the job better, he has no aversion to its use.

Darrell practices what he calls “Precision Woodworking.” This starts with CAD-produced drawings and relies upon precise measurements using dial indicators and Vernier calipers.

Chisels and card scrapers are used, along with a lot of hand shaping and sanding, to achieve the Greene & Greene elements. Hand planes are used infrequently.

Darrell’s class sizes are limited to four students. This makes for a more relaxed atmosphere, but also allows Darrell to spend more time with each student. Time permitting, excursions can be taken to talk about furniture design or the different processes Darrell uses—neither topics takes much coaxing for Darrell to get started.

We hope your experience in one of Darrell’s home shop classes will be unique. You can expect a more relaxed and freer flow of knowledge and more one-on-one attention as well. There is one thing you can expect much less of, though: waiting times on tools and machines.

Hope to see you there!


Enrolling, Paying, Cancelling & Accommodations


For “away classes,” contact the school where the class will be held.

To enroll in a Seattle class, or to be put on the waiting list, please Contact Darrell and he will get back to you quickly. You may also call Darrell between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm (Pacific Time) at (425) 277-4070. Please leave a message. When sending a message via the contact form, please include your phone number and address.


For a deposit, Darrell does not accept credit cards at this time—sorry! Personal checks can be sent to:

Darrell Peart Furnituremaker
9824 30th Ave. S.W.
Seattle, WA 98126


Darrell likes to keep his classes small. To make this work, most classes must be full. Although there is usually a waiting list, it can sometimes be difficult to arrange travel, accommodations, and schedule vacation on short notice. For this reason, full refunds are available up until six weeks prior to the class date. After that, a refund only will only be provided if the vacated spot is filled.

Darrell’s Unique Designs

All project classes feature designs by Darrell. By taking a class, you are granted permission to reproduce a piece for personal use only and not for profit or remuneration.