Build a Greene & Greene Blanket Chest

This is a proposed class – it is not scheduled yet.

I no longer teach out of my shop in Seattle – but I would like to put this class on the schedule for mid- to late October 202 at The Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. This is a wonderful time to be in New England for the fall colors.

This is likely one of only two classes I will be teaching in 2020 (the other being a Rafter Tail Table Class at MASW in Indiana)

If you would like to attend this class there is no need for a commitment now. But I would like to hear from you to gauge interest. Please email me. (link below)

Class Details

Duration:  Six days

Class Dates
Mid to late October 2020 – exact dates to be determined

Conneticut Valley School Of Woodworking

Class Description

Over a six-day period, you will build a Greene & Greene style blanket chest. A chest of this size lends itself to a variety of uses other than storing blankets – think coffee table, toy chest, hope chest…

By the end of the project, you will have expanded your experience with several classic G&G design elements such as making and inserting ebony plugs, bread board ends with ebony splines, proud finger joints as well as the “strap detail.”

The finger joints for the case will be machined using a routing template. All parts of the top (lid) will be made from solid wood. Torsion hinges (for a soft landing lid) will be provided and installed in class.

There will be plenty of hand sanding to soften the ends of the fingered joints –so bring some carver’s tape to protect your fingers.

This will be an enjoyable week to build a piece of furniture in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about Greene & Greene and woodworking (two of Darrell’s favorite subjects).

Templates to build a 2nd Blanket Chest  (at home) will be available for purchase.

Suggested Tools

  • Measuring tools – squares, tape measure
  • Steel hammer
  • Small plastic headed mallet
  • Small adjustable square (4″ or so) or square saddle
  • Dental pick (not necessary, but might be helpful)
  • 1/4” Lee Valley square punch with 4” (or longer) 13/64” twist bit
  • 5/16” Lee Valley square punch with 17/64” twist bit
  • 3/8” Lee Valley square punch with 21/64” twist bit
  • Small chisels
  • Besides bringing a notebook, feel free to bring along a camera to make a visual record of the jigs and setups that you use in class

Contact Darrell  if this class is of interest . You may also call Darrell directly at (425) 277-4070 between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:00 pm (Pacific Time).