18 1/8″ x 36 1/2″
Custom Sizes Available

In the Style of Greene and Greene

Bubinga, Ebony

Greene andd Greene Style mirror frame
detail shot of crescent inlay and proud ebony spline

Follow along on Darrell’s YouTube Channel if you would like to build this project .

While the design of this frame is reminiscent of the design language created by Charles and Henry Greene – Darrell has augmented the classic Greene & Greene style with  elements of his own.

Instead of the customary square ebony peg Darrell has employed a crescent inlay that plays off the shape of his unique serpentine joint. The proud Ebony spline plays a dual role. It not only adds considerable strength to the joint but is a thing of beauty in itself.

The Tahoma Frame can be ordered in custom sizes. It is shipped without the mirror.

Plans to build this frame using the Shaper Origin are available on Darrell’s  YouTube channel . See the video link above.