Length: 45-1/8″
Depth: 22-1/2″
Height: 16-7/8″

Mahogany, Ebony


Greene and Greene Blanket Chest

For woodworkers who would like to build Darrell’s Greene & Greene Style Blanket Chest  – check out his article in Fine Woodworking Magazine.

The Ebony spline and pegs as well as the proud finger joint are all classic Greene and Greene Design Elements.

The small pieces seen at the base are called “straps “. They were derived from the Letter Case found  in the Freeman A. Ford House (Pasadena  1906-08).
The original straps were made of leather and had the practical purpose protecting the surface below. Darrell’s version of the detail is purely decorative and deals with the visual weight of the piece.

Darrell’s Blanket Chest is one of his most replicated designs. It has been his most popular woodworking class and the subject of a Fine Woodworking magazine article (see above).