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James Krenov 1920 – 2009

James Krenov was an early influence of mine. Before I was a Greene and Greene fanatic, I was a Krenov fanatic. His designs were supremely elegant and he had a way of writing that drew me into his world. You don’t have to look too deeply to see his influence in my work. I never […]

An Open Letter to All Spammer /Scammers.

I have been getting emails like the one below (which I received a couple of days ago) for a few years now. The sender always seems to have a very English sounding name, but for some reason does not have a good command of the English language (this one is better in that regard than […]

Sam Maloof

It was a very sad day last week when I got a phone call from Kevin Lerma telling me that Sam Maloof had died the night before. Sam well deserved his position as one of the most influential and well known woodworkers in the world. But as much as Sam was a master woodworker, he […]

Precision Woodworking

When I started out in woodworking every project was laid out in full scale on MDF on the floor on my hands and knees. I had a giant (shop-made) t-square, a good set of knee pads and a box of colored pencils (different color for each layer). These layouts were critical to my process. Having […]

Design DNA

When contemplating a new design, I try to visualize the piece as having DNA. In other words it is a part of the organic world and the design elements are a product of its’ DNA.When filtering a design through this lens there are a few questions to be asked:How do the individual elements interact with […]

A Very Subjective Matter

Design, or for that matter, any creative enterprise, is a very subjective matter – and rightly so. I certainly do not expect everyone to agree with me or share my vision. The fact that some people do understand and/or appreciate my viewpoint is a real thrill for me.But if the world were populated with people […]